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Linda M. Potter, Author of
If Only God Would Give Me a Sign!

Linda M. Potter
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If Only God Would Give Me a Sign! - Author: Linda M. PotterIF ONLY GOD WOULD GIVE ME A SIGN!

AUTHOR: Linda M. Potter
HOMETOWN:  Windsor, Colorado
ISBN:  9780979531576


IMPRINTBibliocast is an imprint of Word Keepers, Inc.  Word Keepers is dedicated to new and seasoned authors with socially conscious voices whose work does not fit typical mega-marketing projects. Having an awareness and understanding of the nuances of writers and their process is core to our publishing success. Our intuitive publishing team imbues skills that hold sacred the space for a trade book to come to fruition through mind and heart. Word Keepers, Inc. is a supportive, niche publishing house serving authors’ creative and intellectual properties. We create relationships… with authors, books, publishing professionals, vendors, and a global community of readers… all within an atmosphere that celebrates and honors individual uniqueness.

ABOUT THIS BOOKIf Only God Would Give Me a Sign! is a delightful read, from the Erma Bombeck of Metaphysics—Linda M. Potter—of inspirational how-to’s (and how- not- to’s) in finding meaning in everyday signs. You encounter the literal and subtle signs along the journey of this entertaining, anecdotal, and light-hearted smorgasbord of personal stories, life lessons, and encounters with ‘signs.’ As you set out in search of spiritual guidance, you begin your discovery of signs, and life transforms itself from the mundane to the divine.

What about the Speed Limit Ahead sign? Are you ‘setting your own limits’ in a world of unlimited possibilities? There are no shortages of signs for those who pay attention, live life with an open heart, and read the signs with a sense of humor. If you’re ready to lighten up a little about spiritual enlightenment, this book’s for you. Chat about your spiritual journey over a decaf latte with this humorist. Engage in a meaningful dialogue while relaxing in your backyard hot tub. Spirit is in and throughout all things. You have been led, you are led, and you will always be led—just follow the signs! Perhaps that last sign—Fog Conditions May Exist—was positioned for you after all. Once you start noticing the signs—they’re everywhere.

Linda M. PotterABOUT THE AUTHOR – A stand-up comedian was Ms. Potter’s first career choice. Practicality won out, though, and Potter pursued a BA degree in Speech and eatre, and an MA degree in Theatre Arts. “My professional resume reads like a Wikipedia entry for Attention Deficit Disorder. I've had more jobs than hair colors and filled out more career aptitude forms than tax returns." As the Managing Editor for BellaSpark Magazine, Ms. Potter writes the featured interviews with such dynamic authors as Shirley MacLaine, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Alan Cohen, John Randolph Price, Iyanla Vanzant, Lynn McTaggart, Joan Borysenko, Brian Weiss, James Twyman, John Holland, and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Potter’s loyal readers love her digestible, comedic insights offered in her quirky, yet grounded messages on life’s challenges and the ‘signs’ that offer responses to those challenges. You can reach Ms. Potter at www.lindampotter.com or www.wordkeepersinc.com.

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Science of Mind
PRICE:  $16.95
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PAGES:  256
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  • A warm and fuzzy ‘Signs 101’ course for beginners seeking
  • spiritual enlightenment in the mundane multilayered precursor of life’s crossroads.
  • Spirit-raising and mood enhancing laughter for how God or Cosmic Management might be sending messages to the masses — with signs!
  • It’s part guide book to the ‘course of signs’ and laughter on the road to enlightenment.
  • Baby-Boomers seeking spiritual answers to those lifelong questions of “Who am I?” “What am I doing here?” and “Who paid for my trip to get here, anyway? Is that the karma thing?”

INTENDED MARKETS – Women and men, Baby-Boomers, will love a romp through these pages of posted signs with this witty, heart-felt humorist on a spiritual path. For anyone who’s stepped out into the night sky, looked up, and responded to the cosmos: If Only God Would Give Me a Sign! life would finally make sense. (Pink polka dots are optional.)